20+ streaming and video
providers where you can
watch pool broadcasts

Where to watch the Championship League Pool? Where can you watch hot money matches? And where can you find pool videos of past tournaments or real classics against the lockdown blues?

We have compiled an overview of some well-known broadcasters, streaming services and platforms that regularly broadcast major pool tournaments, money matches and other formats worldwide or provide video content for them.

This list is meant to be a small guide for all billiard maniacs who are looking for new stuff. It does not claim completeness and functionality of the streams and will be updated continuously. All information is without guarantee.

Accu-Stats Video Productions

For 30 years one of the leading pool addresses in terms of PPV live streams and video on demand. Lots of legendary matches since the 90s, partly also available on DVD.

  • Derby City Classic
  • US Open 9-Ball
  • International 9-Ball Open
  • Accu-Stats Invitational Events

Action Pool Tour

The Action Pool Tour organizes its own tournament series in the USA and offers free livestreams. The portfolio regularly includes these events, among others:

  • VA State 10-Ball Championships
  • VA State 8-Ball Championships
  • APT Tour Stops

BBTV Productions

Professional live streaming and commentary – High quality streams from the US, big events in pool and 3 cushion. Summer Shooutout, US Open One Pocket and Bank Pool and many more. With Youtube-Channel.

Billiardnet TV

Live Streaming 4 everyone – Small and large tournaments live from the USA, mostly with paid and free versions for subscribers.

Billard TV Schweiz

Pool livestreaming from Switzerland. Several big tournaments, money matches and events live and on Youtube.

CSI CueSports International

CSI has been one of the biggest organizers of pool events in the USA for many years. Besides the famous CueSports International Expo, various leagues are organized and major tournaments are broadcast, including various US Open formats or the 10 Ball World Championship. There are both free and paid live offers and in addition a Youtube channel where many recordings of past matches are freely available.

Events regularly broadcast by CSI CueSports International:

  • BCA Pool League
  • USA Pool League
  • US Open 8-Ball Championship
  • US Open 10-Ball Championship
  • US Open Banks Championship
  • US Open Straight Pool Championship
  • US Open One Pocket Championship
  • Diamond Las Vegas Open
  • Predator World 10-Ball Championship


The streaming portal with a large range of live sports broadcasts not only soccer, darts, snooker and many other sports, but also the biggest pool events. All of Matchroom Pool’s top tournaments are broadcast via DAZN. There is a free trial month for new customers and also various monthly and annual subscriptions.

Events that are regularly broadcast by DAZN:

  • Championship League Pool
  • World Cup of Pool
  • World Pool Masters
  • US Open Pool Championship
  • World Pool Championship
  • Mosconi Cup

GB 9-Ball Tour

The GB 9-Ball Tour is the biggest pool tournament series in England. Up to six events a year bring together the island’s top players and a number of European stars. Free livestream on the website, various matches available on Facebook.


Kozoom has been the home of the Euro Tour and major EPPF events for years. Besides pool, many carom events are also broadcast here. The paid account offers access to all live events, where often all tables and therefore all matches are broadcasted live. There is also video footage of past matches.

Events that are regularly broadcast by Kozoom:

  • Euro Tour
  • Women‘s Euro Tour
  • European Championships – Men/Women/Wheelchair
  • European Championships – Pupils/Juniors/Girls

Matchroom Live

Matchroom’s own streaming service. Paid (from € 1.99 per month) live broadcasts of various events from pool, snooker and other sports such as boxing or darts. Plus lots of video content from past Mosconi Cups and other events for registered users.

  • Championship League Pool
  • WST Pro Series
  • a lot more

Mezz West State Tour

Professional tour in the western states of the USA with its own livestream offer.


Free pool live streams since 2008! Live broadcasts of fat money matches and prestigious tournaments like the Wyoming Open and other events. Lots of content freely available on Youtube.

On The Wire Creative Media

Livestreams and videos of tournaments and money matches from the USA. Free of charge.

Orangeforks Productions

Current livestreams from European tournaments and Money Battles in the Netherlands. Lots of video material in top quality. All free of charge on Facebook and Youtube.


One of the biggest and best PPV providers in the USA. Top quality events with all the stars from the United States and around the world. Tournaments, money matches and more. In addition to live broadcasts, also replays in the loop for subscribers.

Among other things, the following have been broadcast regularly to date:

  • Buffalo Pro Classic
  • Midwest Expo
  • Texas Open 9- & 10-Ball
  • Scotty Townsend Memorial
  • US-Open-Events
  • Derby City Classic Action Room

POV Pool

Point of view Pool – High quality pool action from the USA. Livestreams from big events like the West Coast Challenge and big money matches. Plus lots of vidoes of past matches on their own Youtube channel.


“Streaming is not about the game, it’s about the players IN the game” is the slogan of RackemTV. Here you can find PPV streams of money matches, pro and amateur tournaments. In addition, various matches are available on Youtube and Facebook.

Reelive TV

Lots of pool for free! Live broadcasts of various events, videos of past tournaments and several classics on Youtube and Facebook.

Roy‘s Basement

Free streams in top quality from the USA. In the Basement, American and European top stars are always guests and deliver exciting Money Matches. Everything is freely available on Facebook.

Sharks 9-Ball

Live pool straight from the heart of the billiards world from the Philippines! Weekly tournaments, big events, money matches and ring games with Efren, Django, Carlo Biado, Ronnie Alcano and all kinds of other Filipino stars. Also on Youtube.


Free streams and videos from the German championships in pool, snooker and carom, games from the national leagues and major tournaments in Germany.

  • German championships in pool, snooker and carom
  • Pool national league
  • German Pool Masters

SullyVision TV

Paid PPV streams of tournaments (including Sidepocket Open & Junior Norris Memorial Shootout) and fat money matches.

Turtle Hunter Season

Who will catch the turtle? Exciting matches with the “Turtle” Holger Vier and his opposition of recreational, club and world-class players. Various formats, all live and free on Youtube and Facebook.

UpState AL / AzbTV

Free Facebook broadcasts of classics like the Turning Stone Classics and other tournaments in the North American region.